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Cleaner Air... Better Health

GPS - FC48 - AC



Product Description:

The GPS-FC48-AC is a compact, self-cleaning, no maintenance, bi-polar ionization system that allows for installation where other products will not fit. The unit is designed for multiple mounting options including fan inlet, interior wall or interior floor. The all composite and carbon fiber construction allows the product to be mounted in any environment, regardless of corrosive chemicals in the air.

Standard Features Include:

Universal voltage input, in-line On/Off switch, programmable auto-cleaning cycle, plasma on indication light, alarm contacts, magnets for ease of installation and replaceable carbon fiber brush emitters*


Schools, Offices, Patient Rooms, Nursing Homes and Restaurants and many more


Voltage: 24VAC to 240VAC
Amps: 0.41A to 0.041A
Power: 10 Watts
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Temp/Hum: -40F to 200F / 0-100% RH
Ion Output: >200 Million ions/cc
Airflow Capacity: 0 to 4,800 CFM or up to 12 tons
Electrical Listings: UL, cUL
Alarm Contact Rating: 250VAC/1A
Unit Dimensions: 11.1″L x 1.84″W x 3.52″H
277mm x 46mm x 88mm
Weight: 1.0LB / 0.45kg

*Life cycle testing shows no degradation in carbon fiber mechanical function due to repeated cleaning cycles; therefore, replacement is highly unlikely